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Privacy Policy

Please view our Privacy policy, which also defines your visit to the website. If you don’t agree with the privacy policy, stop using our website immediately.
Governing law and jurisdiction
These terms and conditions cohere to the governing laws of the “Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal”. You and we agree to submit to the exclusive judicial decision of the Court of Nepal.

The effective date
The effectiveness of terms and conditions starts on September 24, 2021.

Cookies are text files comprising the details of the user. Most modern websites use cookies to give a personalized browsing experience for the user based on their previous interactions with the website.

Our website uses cookies too. Through the use of the New Ram Janaki Traders And Suppliers website, you agree to the use of cookies following the New Ram Janaki Traders And Suppliers privacy policy.

New Ram Janaki Traders And Suppliers own all the intellectual property rights for content on the New Ram Janaki Traders And Suppliers website. You may view or print out pages from our website for your own use; which is still subject to restrictions defined in the terms and conditions.

You should not: 
-    Redistribute the content from the New Ram Janaki Traders And Suppliers website unless we specially mention it to be used for redistribution.
-    Sell, rent, or sub-license material of New Ram Janaki Traders And Suppliers website.

User Restriction
The users should not do any activities that are unethical and unlawful on our website. Also, do not exploit and escalate any form of security vulnerabilities in the website if ever discovered (Please follow appropriate means to inform us about the issue). 

Suitable age to access this website
You should be 18 or older to view or use this website on your own. If you are below that age, please take consultations from your guardian.

Removal of content from our website
If you don’t agree with the presence of any content on our website and want it to be removed, please use proper means to inform us about it. We would take your request into consideration but are not compelled to do so.

User Content
Any content that you post on our website, including comments, reviews, and suggestions, is public, and we own the exclusive right to that content. We may even use that content upon need. Please be cautious about the permissions for use of those contents before posting them onto our website.

Continued access to our website
It is in our best interest to avoid any downtime or discontinuation of our website, but in case it happens, we are not obliged to you by any means.

Preciseness of Information
While we try to make sure that every content on this website is correct, still its completeness or accuracy can not be guaranteed.

Situations beyond our control
We would not be held liable for any delay or when unable to comply with our obligations if the reason for that is a situation beyond our control.

We list the prices for products in Nepalese rupees, inclusive of VAT.

Successful Delivery of Product
While we try to successfully deliver every product that you order through our website, there might still be availability or any other issues where we won't be able to deliver your products.

To the highest opportunity granted by the applicable law, we remove all obligations concerning our website and use of the website.
External links disclaimer
Our website may have some links that lead to external websites that are not under the control of New Ram Janaki Traders And Suppliers or in any way affiliated with us. Please be aware that our company does not guarantee the exactitude for information on those external websites.

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Name: New Ram Janaki Traders And Suppliers 
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