Frequently Ask Question

We are the traders and suppliers selling numerous electronic products of various brands to our customers. Ram Janaki is the wholesale supplier of durable electronic goods.
The types of electronic products include: Battery, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Water Purifier, Air Cooler, TVs, etc.
We sell high-quality products of the latest brands. They include: Whirlpool, Live fast, Livpure, Panasonic, CG, Dishhome
Our company is located at Janakpur Dham-1, Sita chowk Near Railway Station Road. We have been supplying electronic products and home appliances all over the city.
As a wholesale supplier, we have been continuously expanding branded product line. Ram Janaki aims to create more choices for customers for making their everyday life comfortable. Durable goods and services at an affordable price have been our major priority.
You may contact us through various modes: Contact number: 9814829734 Viber, WhatsApp: +977 981-4829734 Location: Janakpur Dham-1, Sita chowk Near Railway Station Road Email: nrjtdas2075@gmail.com
We offer reasonable prices to all electronic products and home appliances. The product prices are based on market value. The quality that we offer is much more worth paying for our items.
Prices are usually not negotiable because the product prices are very reasonable. However, you may grab the opportunities of various discounts and offers.