About Us

About us

New Ram Janaki Traders and Suppliers is one of the fastest and biggest traders located at Sita Chowk, Janankpur, Nepal. We are known as the leading traders and distributors of electronic products currently in Janakpur. We are selling different electronic products in a very reasonable price which includes Washing machines, Batteries, Refrigerators, LED TV, Solar Panels, Fire extingusiers and all other home appliances.
We are currently located at Sita Chowk, Near Railway Station Road, Jankapur. New Ram Janaki Traders and suppliers delivers high-quality products of all the brands to your home through online as well as at our store. 
We deliver products of popular brands such as Livfast, Livpure, CG, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Yasuda, Voltas, Aisen, Lenovo, and Dell. We successfully are able to create a wide range of sales networks within Jankapur city and different places.

Our Mission, Vision & Objective

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure reasonable prices to thousands of customers and deliver the products as ensured. We believe in delivering durable goods to support customers in the long run. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand delivery through door-to-door service. We provide multiple products to match the daily needs of customers. 

Our Objectives

Our objective is to expand the product line of various brands all over Nepal.
We belive in delivering products and ensure customer satisfaction by providing durable goods and services. We are continously working with all our brands to make our customer happy with the products and services we provide for which we ensure costumer statisfacsion and are continously seeking for customer feedback. We deliver products to your doorsteps therefore we have trust of all the customers and brands.

Message From CEO

I am pleased to announce that New Ram Janaki Traders and Suppliers has been supporting its customers through durable goods for few years. We are continuously providing support to many customers through dealers and suppliers. New Ram Janaki stands as one of the best traders within Janakpur. 
Our greatest achievement has been an expansion in the branded product line. Durable goods and services at an affordable price have been our major priority. Our focus is on creating a network of reliable customers in a very short time. Moreover, we are constantly putting the focus on building channels. 
Not only that but we also aim to create more choices for our customers for making their everyday life comfortable. I believe that New Ram Janaki would act as a bridge between suppliers and customers. Satisfying our customers is our major priority.